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How would you like to feel great all the time and live the quality of life you desire?

     Dr. Andrew Specht has been teaching people how to achieve optimum 

health since 1988 in Encinitas, California.


“It’s just so amazing to me that even after being a patient of Dr. Spechts’s for over 10 years, I continue to learn something new about how the body functions and can heal, and more importantly thrive, without surgery or prescription medications. I am way healthier and more energetic going into my 40’s than I was in my 20’s. I’ve made many adjustments along the way, and I’m sure there are more to make, but it’s all worth it !!!”


“I like the fact that he treats the entire person, not just the specific problem.  He finds out what is causing the problem, and treats it accordingly, whether it be physical, emotional or nutritional.”


“Unlike most practitioners of chiropractic, Dr. Specht uses many modes of treatment, including kinesiology, acupressure, deep tissue work, muscle release techniques and neuro-emotional techniques as well as conventional chiropractic adjustments.  I am certain he will be adding to these in the future since for many years, his idea of a really good vacation has been to go to a treatment seminar and learn something new.  I can, and do recommend Dr. Specht’s work wholeheartedly. This guy is a wizard at what he does, and as you know, wizards are pretty hard to find in any line of work.”