I was referred to Dr. Specht through a family member. It was a wonderful experience and I’d like to share it.

I have always had problems with my lungs. I was experiencing bronchitis every two months. Two of my children had asthma. Adam, 15 at the time, was also having a bloody nose on a daily basis. I went to Dr Specht with both kids in tow and hoped he could help.

Right away he diagnosed that we all had a yeast infection. He explained that yeast likes to live in the moist places in the body and was likely the reason we were having problems with our lungs. We were instructed to change our diet, eliminating all foods that cause yeast to grow. He tested us to see what supplements to take to kill the yeast and we all started right away. Within 2 months we were yeast free. To this day, none of us have asthma, or any problems with our lungs. In fact, those extra pounds went away, along with the bloat associated with it. It’s rare for any of the 3 of us to even get a head cold.

Adam was instructed to take Flax Seed Oil for his bloody nose and that became a thing of the past as well.

The thing that sets Dr. Specht apart from any other doctor I’ve ever known is that he treats you physically, emotionally, and internally – all of this in a natural way. He helped me and my kids and not just temporarily. It was permanent. I haven’t seen Dr. Specht in 5 years due to moving away from the San Diego area, but I still feel grateful for the positive things he did for me and my children. If I’m ever in the area again, I’d gladly look him up and would recommend him to anyone I met that needed help with any health problems.

Thanks for listening,
Loretta W. E.