I recently developed a condition which causes occasional swelling and painful stiffness in my knee.  I have the earthing pad on my mattress and experience some relief from pain and inflamation when I awake every morning, however, this knee pain is so severe that I wanted to concentrate and accelerate the healing process as much as I could.  My husband deserves the credit for coming up with the following home treatment:  I wrap the small earthing pad around my knee at night, gently “tie it on” with a strap so that my knee is completely covered while I sleep, and put the ground (in the single ground part) of the outlet in the wall. The reduction in pain and inflamation that I experience every morning after 6 or so hours of this consistent and total coverage earthing (being grounded) touch is amazing!

Along with regular visits to Dr. Specht, this treatment has cut my healing time in half.

Antoinette E.



We are paiin free at night with the Earthing Mat!!!  I am completely amazed and surprised.  My disc injury and scoliosis predispose me to a certain type of back pain.  Now with the Earthing Mat, I am pain free all night for the first time in 24 years.  My husband is also having no pain with his new work out routine at the gym when he should be in agony!  We are convinced that Earthing / Grounding is important for our health.  Thanks Dr. Andy for getting us the mat.

Nancy D.



My husband and I recently invested in the (Earthing) bed mat after Dr. Specht’s recommendation.  Since using the mat, we both report feeling amazing.  We wake up very well rested after a deep night’s sleep.  We both have noticed the higher sense of relaxation and ease to fall into a deep sleep.  The mat has provided us with an overall higher degree of health.  We are very active in the off road community and have noticed that the Earthing mat has helped to keep our bodies feeling rejuvenated and strong.  We thank Dr. Specht for recommending the bed mat to improve our overall health and well being.

Kim & Brandon L.