So, I am one of “those people” who had started and stopped many exercise programs.  Since having two children, exercise (other than chasing them around) was something that I put on the back burner….after all, I was at least as busy as everyone else, how could I find the time or the motivation? On a few occasions, I even had N.E.T. about exercise – (N.E.T. explained).  A few months ago, it finally clicked. I was turning 40. In my 30’s, I had worked hard to get my diet on track and had seen the awesome results in energy and overall health.  One more N.E.T. session, specifically about running….and I was off and running!

The Sprint 8’s recommended by Dr. Specht (and on the Mercola web site – see explanation) are so much fun….even on days when I have to make myself go.  They are also FAST !  20 minutes and I’m done…with a nice little walk to the beach and back…I like to do the sprints on the beach with bare feet, and even though I used to have problems with my knees, they have not bothered me at all (I use the famous “Stick” before and after).

I’ve even lost weight and wear skinny jeans again – like I used to in high school in the 80’s. Thank you Dr. Specht for not letting me off the hook about my exercise!


Tanya B.