Family Doctor

Andy Specht has touched the lives of everyone our family.

Three years ago, he helped keep two of our children, who suffer from asthma, out of the emergency room and off their steroid medication. He has recommended treatment for my baby who developed eczema at six months old, replacing the hydrocortisone cream prescribed by the pediatrician which was discoloring his skin, to a natural remedy. Two weeks into the new treatment, he became eczema free and has remained so ever since. Andy also worked on my husband who developed a herniated disk which kept him off his feet, in extreme pain, for 2 months.

He is now back on the golf course! Most of all, however, I marvel at the success in the treatment my oldest daughter went through which, ultimately, cured her of chronic ear infections. For the first four years of her life, she suffered severely with her ears, experiencing strong reactions to the constant stream of antibiotics that were recommended for her condition, going through surgery to implant temporary bilateral tubes in her eardrums, developing partial hearing loss due to the scarring the surgery caused, and finally, a badly ruptured eardrum.

Prior to consulting with her ear specialist on a second surgery to reimplant the bilateral tubes and remove her adenoids, we took her to see Andy. Within 2 weeks, the fluid that had been causing so many problems, had miraculously drained. She never had to go through with the second surgery, and after the treatment was completed with Andy, has been free of ear infections . It has been 5 years since that initial visit.

Andy Specht has created quite a success story within our family.


Natasha B.

Hi –
Dr. Specht has been our family doctor since 1993. During all these years, he has done much more than helped all of us through occasional back ailments. He helped Sara get through shin splints so she could continue running track at high school. He fixed Kellen’s calf muscle so he could high jump in CIF finals last year. When Gail sprained her ankle and the doctors wanted to operate, Andy got Gail off crutches and back to normal without surgery. When Paul had carpal tunnel problems, Andy fixed that too. All this from one doctor – not bad!!

Perhaps the greatest influence Andy has had on my whole family is the overall feeling of good health. Before we met Andy, we all went to a family MD and took antibiotics for colds and flu symptoms (like most folks). Never Again!! The vitamins that Andy gives us helps everyone in our family deal with sickness, the stresses of life, traveling, sports, and, of course, trying to eat as best as we can.

When people say, “What’s your secret?” we smile and tell them all about Andy. We wish more people would listen to our story!!

Thanks Andy,

During one of my visits to Dr. Andrew Specht, I had mentioned my oldest son grinds his teeth, and that he also had a hole on the bridge of his nose. Was there something he could do to help him? Dr. Specht said he could test to see if it was an emotional or structural issue for the teeth grinding. As for the hole on his nose he would also see what he could do to heal it.
The results were such that with one visit, my son no longer grinds his teeth, and the hole on his nose had begun to fill in like it was healing and the infection was going away.

Now the interesting part of this is, that I had taken my son to our family dentist for the teeth grinding. They had tried rubber mouth peices, chewing gum, eating hard veggies and hard fruit before going to bed, in hopes of tiring out his jaw. Nothing had worked.

My son had been grinding his teeth since he was about 5 years old. Finally, 10 years later, after many mouth peices, severe headaches, many sleepless nights…………..after one visit to Dr. Specht, my son at age 15 no longer grinds his teeth! The hole on his nose, which he had been born with, had always been infected. The doctors said that it would heal as my son got older, or they could do surgery on it. Finally, there was also some closure to that.

My son is now 18 and the damage to his teeth has stopped since he no longer grinds his teeth.

I have challenged Dr. Specht with many different medical problems over the years and he always, always heals.

Thank you ever so much for all your healing.

Sincerely Grateful,