Golf Injuries

To Whom It May Concern:

I met Dr. Specht in the mid 1990s at a social event. I informed him of my problems with a broken left wrist that took place two decades prior to our meeting. Primarily, as a recreational golfer, the wrist was weak, always hurt, and I was unable to swing the club properly. The best surgeons in the world had told me that there was nothing that medical science could do to help me. He challenged me by saying he predicted that he could help. I found his statement to be ludicrous as there was structural damage to the bone structure in the joint, medical doctors had given up, and I believed that chiropractic treatment would be unavailing. I did take him up on his challenge, and he treated my wrist using techniques quite different from other chiropractors I had seen.

Bottom line, after two decades of slicing the golf ball because of my wrist, within weeks I was able to turn the club over and hit hooks!! Nothing else changed in terms of my swing except Dr. Specht’s treatments. Simply amazing. Admittedly, the wrist will never be 100% again, but, the improvement has been remarkable. As an added benefit, the 24 hour, 7 day a week constant pain was relieved.

Dr. Specht subsequently treated me for neck and back injuries incurred in an auto accident and the results were once again phenomenal. Further, he helped me to understand nutrition and fitness which has helped the overall quality of my life.

In conclusion, Dr. Specht is a rarity: he treats the whole person using many different weapons to attack an objective complaint. Truly, he is a healer. As an attorney, I am trained to be skeptical and have a built in bias toward traditional, AMA medical treatment. He has proven to me that actual treatment to heal the problem, rather than taking drugs to mask the problem, is the way to go. I strongly endorse and recommend Dr. Specht.

Best Regards,

Steven R.

I was having back problems for a dozen years. I had tried various chiropractors, medical doctors that wanted to perform surgery (thank goodness I avoided that advice) and a “world renowned” back specialist. After all of that, (with very limited degrees of success), I was referred to Dr. Specht by a friend.

Within a couple of visits, I felt better and Dr. Specht recommended exercises that I could perform at home. Within 3-4 months of doing exercises regularly, my back has only been out 1 time. Now, it’s been over 4 years since Dr. Specht fixed the muscles on my back, and they rarely see me at the office.

I’m semi-retired and play golf 3-4 times a week without any problem. Prior to my back getting fixed, I was missing 3-4 months of golf a year!

I routinely rely on Dr. Specht for other health issues (sinus, digestive issues) and have had success through his recommendations for all of it.


Tim K.

(Excerpt from a testimonial)

“………..  Andy also worked on my husband who developed a herniated disk which kept him off his feet, in extreme pain, for 2 months.  He is now back on the golf course! ……..”

Andy Specht has created quite a success story within our family.

Natasha B.

I am a long term “very happy” patient of Andy Specht. It was a last resort to go see him after seeing other chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists who couldn’t help me. I had a chronic back ache and pain for at least 3-4 years. I was told to give up sports, that my body was showing the abuse I had put it thru all the years of my athletics. I gave up playing softball, jogging and racquetball for 3 years because of the pain.After a few visits with Dr. Specht , I started to feel much better and eventually was totally back to playing my sports again. As we speak, I’m playing racquetball 3 times a week, golf on a regular basis, enjoy cycling and also jogging. I’ve referred him to many friends over the years, and they have all come back to thank me. By the way, this weekend I’m playing in a racquetball tournament and wouldn’t be there if not for Dr. Specht. I can’t recommend him highly enough!


Tom A.