Heel Spurs

Dear Dr. Specht,

I would like to thank you for the excellent care and treatment I have received from you and your staff over the last month. I have experienced some real miracles, if I may use that word. I originally sought your care in the treatment of a nagging neck pain that had taken away much of my simple mobility with regards to rotating my head to check my blind spots while driving, and making just sitting and sleeping uncomfortable. I also have had heel-spur pain, but had been treated in June 2002 by a reputable podiatrist. I had only mentioned the condition (heel-spur) on my medical evaluation form.

After the first treatment for my neck I noticed immediate mprovement- I have been to Chiropractors before but I think that your methods for diagnosis and care were unique and very effective. When I had come to you I had made up my mind to let you treat me in your best methods. A good friend had referred me saying, “Dr. Specht will treat your whole body- not just align your spine.” I wasn’t too sure how to take that but I am happy to say that you do, and you have. My neck is no longer an issue in my day to day life.

The podiatrist I had seen in June of 2002 had made me some custom orthotics, which did relieve much of my heel spur pain that had kept me awake at night, and had side-lined me from much of the physical activities like aerobics and swimming; even driving had become a painful event in my daily commute to work. I suffered for over a year before I finally found some relief from the pain through the custom orthotics. When you had mentioned that you have a better form orthotic that helps correct the foot alignment I wanted to get some- after only two days I was having pain again that had kept me awake and like retreating from a hot flame I was going to return the ones I had purchased from you and I had told you “these are hurting my feet, I cannot wear these.” To my surprise you said something like, “non-sense! You have to try and give them a chance, your problems with your heel are being caused by your alignment and unless you correct it, and not cradle it like your expensive orthotics do- you are going to develop even more potentially worse foot problems.” Dr. Specht, you then began to show me how my calf muscles were potentially the root of all my pain in my heel and foot. 

I was astonished when after performing the recommended exercises a few times each day, that not only am I able to use the orthotics without discomfort, but that I am regaining a feeling in my legs and feet that I have not had in years. That is why I used miracle in my early comments. I never thought I would find a solution for my foot problem, let alone one that is so simple and non-medicated. The exercise sticks (“The Stick”) are so great!

In closing, I would like to offer some words of advice to those fortunate enough to find the care of Dr. Andrew Specht D.C. Be open and honest about how you are feeling, work with him in your treatment, and do all that he recommends. I have taken advantage of the great supplements that Dr. Specht’s office has to offer, and take advantage of “The Stick”.  Don’t be surprised if you have other symptoms like sore throat and colds as the toxins are being released form your muscles and organs. As I have said to Dr. Specht on a few occasions- “I have gotten religion!” He has enabled me to not only feel better, he has shown me a way to get healthier and stay that course throughout the rest of my life. I think that is what we all would expect from a medical professional- unfortunately, medical friends like Dr. Specht are far too rare in my opinion. Did I mention that he is a great person too? Thank you Andrew for all you have done- which has truly help me.

Bob D.