Skin Rashes

When seeing the improvements in my own health as a patient of Dr. Andrew Specht, I decided to take my children to see him as my son developed a severe skin rash all over his scalp and ear that seemed to get progressively worse over a 24 month period. After visiting several children’s physicians, an ENT specialist and a dermatologist, the condition continued to worsen. None of the topical creams, shampoos, etc. seemed to work and the rash was becoming unsightly and irritating my child. After 1-2 visits with Dr. Specht, my son’s skin condition markedly improved and is now. Through diet and proper vitamin supplementation, we saw marked improvement within just two weeks. This has been a great relief for us and for our son who is no longer bothered by itchy ears and scalp and flaking.

Dr. Specht also helped with our daughter who has been a picky eater since her early toddler years. Dr. Specht provided us with diet tips and vitamin supplements that have brought the rosiness back in her cheeks and the overall clean bill of health she receives at yearly checkups with her pediatrician.


Susan N.