Sports Injuries

Dr. Specht is a cut above other chiropractors in my opinion. I am a mid-thirties, athletic guy and I came to Dr. Specht originally because of problems I was having in my achilles/calf area. After I would playsoccer the area would clench up and take 1-2 weeks to fully relax again so I had stopped playing soccer. I had previously gone to see another chiropractor about the problem and he had treated me by trying to massage and adjust my ankles. After 3 months and little results I thought I may be done playing. Dr. Specht, however, identified and worked on specific muscles that were not functioning properly and negatively affecting the area. After just a couple of treatments, following simple advice on diet, and following his advice on caring for specific muscles I was and am playing soccer regularly and feeling very little of the previous symptoms.

Also, I had not played tennis for many years because my shoulder would bother me when serving. It would occasionally bother me when surfing as well. I had been told by a medical doctor that the only solution he could offer was surgical and it could relieve the pain but it would not be beneficial for the function of the shoulder. Again, Dr. Specht’s precise diagnosis proved invaluable. He identified specific muscles that were not functioning properly and the result of the first treatment was dramatic. I am now serving and playing tennis, and surfing pain free. I also recently had pain in my upper forearm/elbow area that he totally alleviated in one session. Again, I followed faithfully his prescription of care for muscles that were affecting the area.

I come in for maintenance once in a while without specific problems because his spinal manipulations are second to none and great for my overall wellbeing. He has become a good friend and I greatly value and respect his comprehensive and very practical knowledge of the human body, health, and athletic performance.


Mr. Kim J.

I had a nagging groin / hip flexor problem for many years. It wasn’t always injured, however it would consistently be an issue throughout my playing career. The first time I pulled my hip flexor, I was a sophomore in high school. I did the standard things for a pulled muscle. Took some time to rest. Iced after workouts. Was careful when warming up. Icy hot, longslow runs, good stretch…. etc. This seemed to work well enough to getme back out there. I eventually went on to play at Stanford. Was healthy most of the time, but still occasionally had problems with my groin / hip flexor.

In my junior year at Stanford, my hip flexor started giving me serious problems. It seemed like the injury had moved slightly upward to my lower stomach area. Doctors at Stanford were telling me that it could be a hernia. I continued stretching a lot and icing whenever I worked out. This helped slightly, but the problem was not going away. I was down in San Diego over the summer. I was supposed to be doing intervals and building up fitness for the fall season. This is when I went to see Dr. Specht. A
family friend of mine said that if anyone knew how to fix chronic, sports-related injuries, it was Dr. Specht. I figured it was worth a try.

This was the last summer I ever had problems with my hip flexor, groin, or lower stomach area. Over the course of about two months, I met with Specht many times. Apparently, (I know it sounds weird) I had a dozen of muscles that were “turned off.” I had many muscles that were no longer working and the surrounding muscles were compensating and doing most of the work. This is what Dr. Specht was able to discover and fix. Through some rather strange means, he was able to test the muscles to find the ones that were not working and turn them back on. I know this sounds bizarre, but it really worked. The treatment consisted of acupressure, back and neck adjustments, deep tissue massages and EMT. It was not the standard treatment I was getting at Stanford, but it actually worked. I hope this helps.


Over the course of 2 years, I saw every type of doctor imaginable to help me with my knee and back problems. None of them were able to help me with my problems or even provide me with temporary relief. I had given up my active lifestyle and figured I would have to get used to living with the pain.

Then I met Dr. Specht.

Two different people recommended Dr. Specht and even though I had already given up hope, I figured I could try one last time. I was curious about him since I kept hearing his name from different people. To my surprise, I felt better starting with my first appointment. Dr. Specht relies on several different methods to treat his patients and even though I don’t completely understand how they work, I completely understand how I feel.

Now I am back to 100% and feel better than ever. I’m playing soccer and racquetball again and for the first time ever I’m training for a half marathon!
Thank you Dr. Specht!

Cecile D.

My name is Anthony Putrus and I have been a patient at Dr. Specht’s office for about 5 years now. I was referred to him by my brother when I hurt my lower back playing soccer 5 years ago. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me, so they put me in physical therapy for three months, but that didn’t do anything and the pain was so bad that I had to do something fast so I could get back on the field.

I ended up going to see Dr. Specht and after the first visit I felt a little better but I wasn’t sure if it would work because I kind of gave up hope, but I gave him a chance and kept going back. After the third visit, the pain was almost gone and I was able to practice. By the 5th visit I was able to compete again. Ever since then, I have been telling anybody that I know from sports or other places that have had some injuries that they need to go see my doctor. I will never go to another doctor for any injuries again.

Thanks Dr. Specht

I started jogging with San Diego Fit back in July (2002). Initially, I thought it was recreational running and I felt it would be a great way to meet people and keep fit. As the miles began to get longer I realized that I was was training for a marathon. Well, so I thought, “Why not?”. I have never been much of a runner other than running on my treadmill. As the miles continued to get longer, I started to feel pain and discomfort in my legs. After the 15.5. mile run, I was extremely sore and postponed running for a few weeks. At this point, I went to see (another) chiropractor for help. It resulted in a whole slew of issues and a treatment plan that was time intensive and not helpful after some time.

About a month later, some friends of mine came down to San Diego for a conference. My friend is a practicing chiropractor in Canada and he was here to learn and apply the Active Release Technique in his clinic. He told me that I should not be going so frequently and the problem should have been fixed within a few visits. He advised me to go the ART website and find local chiropractor with level 3 credentials. This how I came to know of Dr. Andrew Specht.

I started to see Dr. Specht and got immediate results. I was so concerned about not being able to run the San Diego marathon in January because of the pain that I was experiencing. With his treatment plan I successfully completed the marathon slowly but surely. I was so happy to report that the next day I was not as sore as I thought I might be. I followed his advice and actually saw him the day after the marathon and resumed activity within a few days.

I continue to see him and see continual improvement in my performance in my physical activities (i.e. running and cycling). I am so impressed with his ability and what it has done to improve the quality of my life. I am taking my children to see him and getting them assessed for any fails that may have adversely affected them. He is not only a chiropractor to me, he is a healer. His hands are magic.

Thank you Dr. Specht.

Best Regards,


I started seeing Andy in December 1999. My parents had met him at a Christmas party at one of my neighbors. At the time I was a freshman at UCSD and pitching on the baseball team there. I had hurt my arm pretty bad, to the point where I could not straighten it out. I really wanted to pitch for my school that year and not have to sit out, so I decided to go and see Andy for help.

At first, I was very skeptical about what he was doing, but immediately after my first visit, I saw and felt great results (I was able to straighten my arm again). So I continued to go to him for the rest of the year. I ended pitching for my team and was voted by my teammates Most Valuable Pitcher.

Throughout my college career, I continued to see Andy and reaped the benefits of a healthier body, arm, and mind. Andy then introduced me to N.E.T. (Neuro-Emotional Technique) allowing my mind and body to become mentally healthy and strong, allowing me to push myself to new limits when I was pitching (i.e. throw harder, faster, and longer.)

If it wasn’t for Andy, I might not of had the opportunity to pitch at my University, which led to me being drafted by the major league baseball team, the Arizona Diamondbacks in June 2003. I continue to see Andy to this day so that I can maintain a higher level of health for my mind and body, so that I can perform at the professional level. With Andy’s past help, I look forward to his help in the future so that I can continue my career with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Alex C.