June 20, 2009

It is my belief that Dr. Andrew Specht literally saved my life.
I am not saying that to be dramatic or to emphasize my experience with him so others will believe my story.  But here are the facts:

I had been sick since 1996.  My diagnosis began with carpel tunnel syndrome, then fibromyalgia and then lupus and Sjogren’s disease.  From there, I developed a lesion in my spinal cord called Transverse Myelitis (the body attacks itself in the spinal cord and can cause irreversible paralysis.)  Luckily, my lesion went vertically, so the nerve impulses could go around it and I could still walk.  I was treated with chemotherapy and boatloads of steroids so the lesion would not grow any larger.  However, that left my adrenal glands eventually non-functional, and my legs weak and painful from steroid myopathy (damage to the muscles.)

In February of 2008, I was diagnosed with Primary Immune Deficiency.  This is a genetic condition usually set off by an environmental factor, which causes the immune system to stop working.  It is similar to having AIDS, but without the virus.  I began infusions twice a week with immunoglobulins to replace what my body was not producing.  However, I kept getting infections that began in my sinuses and I was constantly on antibiotics.

Finally after being on Cipro for months, I had the side effect of my major joints screaming in pain.  I felt as though I was dying and didn’t know where to turn.  I began contacting old friends to say “goodbye” should anything happen to me.  (Many times, people with PID die from an infection that has become resistant to antibiotics.)

It was at this point that my eucharistic minister told me about Dr. Specht.  (She was coming to my house to give me communion because I was too weak to go to Mass, and the infectious disease doctor said I should not be in large groups of people due to the germ exposure.)  I told myself, “What do I have to lose by going to see Dr. Specht?”

I first saw Dr. Andrew Specht on March 24, 2009.  Since that first visit, I can hardly believe the changes I’ve experienced.  Andy diagnosed me with mold toxicity and started me on an herb to clear it from my body.  I had my house tested for mold, and sure enough, my second bathroom had it under the carpet and in the wall.  Why had NONE of the doctors I had seen over the past decade explored this possibility?  I’ve even seen them address environmental toxins on the TV show, “House”!

I have had mold remediation completed on my house, but even after I started keeping the bathroom door closed, I began to feel better.  Dr. Specht has used kinesiology, NET, chiropractic, homeopathy and nutritional advice to bring me “back.”  My friends and family are totally amazed.  Andy treats the whole body, not like the “specialists” I was seeing before.  I had a neurologist, a rheumatologist, an endocrinologist, a primary care doc, a psychotherapist (who was helping me deal with the depression that accompanies having a chronic illness,) an immunologist and an infectious disease doctor.  I do still see my primary care physician occasionally, but Andy pretty much takes care of me otherwise.

Here is what has changed:

The pain in my muscles and joints has decreased dramatically.

My energy levels are returning and I no longer have to nap in the early afternoon.

I can walk.  In March, I could barely make it to my corner mailbox.  Now I can go on half hour walks holding one of my infant granddaughters in a Bjorn on my chest!

I am beginning to lose weight again.  (The steroids I had been on had packed on 50-60 pounds, and trying to lose it was more than frustrating.  I had been thin all my life, so this was a major problem for me.)  In the past month, I have been able to go completely off the steroids, and have lost five pounds without really “dieting” because my appetite has decreased and I’m able to get some exercise.

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is that the inflammation in my body has decreased, and I have remained infection-free for longer than I have in 1 ½ years.  The marker in our blood that measures inflammation is called the Sedimentation Rate, or Sed Rate.  Over the past few years, mine has consistently been in the 20s – usually 26, which is high.  After seeing Andy for only a month, it was down to 8.  I wasn’t doing anything differently except for what Andy was prescribing.  In fact, ALL of my bloodwork was normal.

I will always be grateful to Dr. Specht for literally giving me my life back.  I can now enjoy many of the activities I haven’t been able to do in years.  But more importantly, I can be what I call a “real grandma” to my new twin granddaughters.  This has been a gift that I didn’t believe I would ever have.

Thank you, Andy!


Julianne N.



To Dr. Specht,

I am so lucky to have met you. Thank you for everything; your help is truly AMAZING!

Thanks for caring enough to share your special knowledge, rare expertise and brilliance – it is a true gift.

I overcame so many challenges with you. I broke through barriers and opened myself up to change and growth. I questioned my belief systems and then shifted them. I faced my darkest fears and blackest moments and I moved on with grace, recapturing the essence of myself.

The light and simplicity, my wisdom, my power, my strength – there all along. The courage I needed to live a full life. Thanks for reminding me of the possibilities and taking me there. Thanks for your honesty.

With a much healed body and mind I moved beyond broken, beyond surviving and into the world thriving, ready, willing and able.

With appreciation beyond words, thanks for making such a difference in my life and in this world, for so many people.

And, thanks for helping me help myself.

Diana P.