Treating Infants

I was introduced to Dr. Specht by my husband and in-laws.  Over the years, I’ve seen the effect that he has helping them live a healthier and pain free lifestyle.  In July of 2009 my husband and I were pleased to announce the pregnancy of our first daughter.  I made an appointment with Dr. Specht to have him test specific vitamins and skin care products to ensure the safety and proper nutrients for my unborn daughter.  Throughout my entire pregnancy, I felt wonderful and never experienced any morning sickness or complications.  I am certain that Dr. Specht’s influence has created a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

Our daughter was born in March of 2010.  Three weeks after her birth we noticed she was very uncomfortable lying on her back and cried for endless hours at night.  Being extremely concerned parents, we felt that she may be in some kind of pain or discomfort.  We were very concerned with SIDS as well.  Dr. Specht was very sincere to our needs as concerned parents.  He evaluated our daughter and allergy tested various formulas and breast milk.  Dr. Specht made adjustments to help ease our daughter and ensure there wouldn’t be any concerns with SIDS.  Needless to say, we noticed a huge difference in our daughter’s demeanor.  She no longer cries for endless hours at night and she is very comfortable being placed on her back.  With every toothless smile and giggle we thank Dr. Specht.  I would highly recommend every expectant mother and new mother visit Dr. Specht.